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An offline web app that helps you clean and prepare data for rich visualisation with the power of SQL without leaving your browser


Full-featired SQL illustration

Filtering, sorting, joins, subqueries, aggregates, window functions and most stuff that you expect in SQL to easily massage your data for visualisation

Common format exchange illustration

Common format exchange

Import SQLite databases and multiple CSV files, export modified database, save result set to CSV or copy it to clipbord

Illustration of powerful visualisation

Powerful visualisation

Rich palettе of Plotly’s basic, statistical, scientific, financial, geographic and 3D charts on flat result sets or pivot tables

Inquires illustration

Reuse and share your work

Load and save queries and visualisations, run them against different databases, export the visualisation to HTML, PNG, SVG or copy it to clipboard

Offline-first browser app illustration

Offline-first browser app

The app is just one click away — no need to install it, but you can, as PWA, and open it from the OS menu like any other desktop app; there’s no server, hence your data never leaves your machine

Open source illustration

Free and open-source software

Well, it’s free and open-source :-)